Episode I – Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives

Our first haunted location is the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives in Penetanguishene, Ontario. Built in 1875 by Karl Maxillian (Charles) Beck the former C. Beck Lumber office and General Store became the Town’s Museum in 1967 in celebration of the Country’s 100th birthday. Condemned to close in 1991, an extensive fundraising campaign by the Friends of the Museum saved it. Many visitors claim to have had paranormal experiences within the museum walls, including unexplained footsteps, eerie feelings, out of place objects, and orb sightings!

Episode II – Discovery Harbour

Jamie and Deanna head to Discovery Harbour, one of the first established settlements in Canada. The roots of Discovery Harbour date back to 1793, when Sir John Graves Simcoe scouted Penetanguishene Bay as a strategic site for a naval base. It is widely known as one of the most haunted spots in our area and the spirits definitely didn’t disappoint during our visit.