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Haunted Huronia follows hosts James and Deanna as they explore local spots that are alleged to be inhabited by spirits and other paranormal phenomenon. Through their exploration they learn more about the history behind the hauntings, and use a number of techniques in their attempt to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events that occur.

In the first episode James and Deanna examine the Penetanguishene Centenial Museum and Archives, where they learn about Charles Beck and his family who are said to still inhabit the building.

Haunted Huronia is currently available to watch on demand through Bell FibeTV1. You can also scroll to the end of this page to watch the first episode for free!


James Dalzell is an actor, producer, improviser and rapper. When he is not pursuing his passions you can probably see him at the Penetanguishene Beer Store supplying the locals with the tasty beverage or dealing poker at Casino Rama. James was born and raised in Penetang but moved to Toronto in 2006 to attend The Toronto Film School’s Acting for Film, Television and Theatre program. After graduating in 2008 he hit the ground running. For the past 10 years he has been booking bit parts in film, television, commercials and was a regular in the Toronto comedy scene. He is thrilled to be back home in Penetang and working with some like minded and hard working talents. Always intrigued by the rich history and haunting stories of the area, it has been a dream of his to capture and share these stories with the world. Some notable credits include Howie Do It, Surviving Evil, Paranormal Survivor, Close Encounters, Motives and Murders and Web of Lies.

Deanna L. Palazzo is a Toronto born actor, producer and improviser. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory Program and also holds a BaH in English and Theatre Studies from The University of Guelph.  Just over 2 years ago, not long after she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Deanna and Jamie packed their bags and started their second chapter of their lives in North Simcoe and they haven’t looked back.  Teaming up with Nate Lacroix and Midland Film Company Inc. as well as their colleagues from the Award Winning Good Morning Apocalypse, they are continuing to prove that there are stories to be told all over the map! Though she continues to commute back to Toronto for auditions and gigs, Haunted Huronia has allowed her to continue to fall in love with the history of this incredible county.  She is now the mother of an incredible little guy who continues to inspire her daily!  Notable stage acting credits include: Mr. Everything (Huronia Players), Looking (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor ACT-CO) Milton Players, Marion Bridge (D&T Productions), Off the Hook (p(a)), Crime Scene (p(a)), Twisted Elegance (p(a) &Upstage Productions), The Dinner (Upstage Productions), Some Play (Emsdale Productions) and A Crack in the Ceiling (p(a)).  Notable tv/film credits include: This Mortal Coil (Half Price Indie Films), Evil Encounters (Cream Productions), Paranormal Survivor (Cream Productions) , The Beast  (Good Morning Apocalypse) and Giving You The Business (The Food Network).  She recently served as the host on a web series focused on Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy with the Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank.


Whether you’re a paranormal fanatic or just really like hats this is a campaign you can get behind! Growing up in Penetang, James was always learning of hauntings and history in the area. The idea came to him over 10 years ago but is just coming to fruition now. After teaming up with The Midland Film Company and a rejected pitch by Bell FibeTV1 of another series it became apparent that the “Ghost Show” that James had thought of so many years before was ready for the world to see. Haunted Huronia was exactly what the network was looking for and gave the green light for a pilot episode. The pilot was so well received that the show was given the goahead on 8 more episodes. Thing is we have a very limited, shoestring budget and the episodes are not cheap to make. We are seeking your help to fund these 8 episodes and have added some really fun perks for your contributions. Always intrigued by the paranormal this show is a true dream project for James and the crew. Please help us continue this passion project.

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